The deleterious nature of pesticides, herbicides, animal sprays and other chemicals has raised eyebrows in what many knew as the far-reaching rewards of the agrarian revolution. Farmers in the United States now favor organic farming to meet new food consumer sentiment due to the dangers lurking in chemically-grown plants. Agrichemical manufacturers have become the new defendants in mass tort actions instituted by farmers who have developed cancer after using their products such as herbicides. With companies eyeing billions of profits, the fundamental duty of safeguarding consumer welfare becomes clouded. The World Health Organization has recently classified gyphosphate as a carcinogenic substance. The chemical has been used by some manufacturers in making herbicides.

Kent Shaw who owns a large plantation developed cancer after spraying herbicides procured from one manufacturer who had concealed the link of gyphosphate to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma from regulatory agencies. Rather than risk a lawsuit that could open up the Pandora box for mass tort suits, the defendant chooses to settle the claim. Shaw became a recipient of payments under a “structured settlement”.  Under a structured settlement, the defendant makes an arrangement for a future income stream to devolve compensation money to a tort claimant. In 2016, Shaw was teetering on the edge of foreclosure after his farm yields were cut back by a ravaging worm species. He needed to raise more money, the structured settlement contract could produce bucks, but the process differs from cash outs doled out to lottery winners.

Sell Structured Settlement

Lump Sum-Shopping and Getting A Substantial Payment

Although federal and state laws shielded him against predatory discount rates, Shaw did his homework to get a whacking lump sum for his payment rights. He called many companies and engaged the expertise of an actuary to determine the most reasonable price tag to give structured settlement purchasing companies. Shaw knew he would get the present value of the entire payment rights assigned and not the net worth of the future income stream he turned over.

Federal and State Laws Encourage Court-Approved Transactions

Congress enacted the IRC 5891 rider exempting structured settlement buying companies and annuitants like Shaw from paying any taxes following a court-approved deal. Accordingly, the structured settlement funding company had to file a petition with accompanying documents in a circuit court in his County. If the transaction had not been in the “best interests” of Shaw, the court might have declined the application. Shaw also engaged an independent professional advisor who assessed the transaction and proffered the most appropriate present value for his payment rights.

How Long Does the Court Approval Process Take?

Shaw’s application had taken a couple of weeks before the matter came up for hearing. To ensure a transaction does not become protracted by the court procedure, you should coordinate with the structured settlement company to ensure all documents and details needed have been filed. Structured settlement financing companies also liaise and respond to any objections from insurers before the matter comes up for hearing.

Make A Roaring Trade With Your Structured Settlement

Shaw craved for financial security to clear debts, monthly bills, and his wife’s surgery bill as he had just been laid off when things went down the tubes. By selling a proportion of the structured settlement payment rights, he raised a surfeit lump sum to do everything he needed before landing on a new job. To sail through the hectic procedure painlessly, entrusting renowned structured settlements will help you comply with procedural and substantive laws for a quick approval in court. The process had taken roughly two months before Shaw received his lump sum monetary award; he continued to receive monthly payments and annuities.

Ranking the US’ Top Structured Settlement Buying Companies

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